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Looks like Team Rockets…….
Nothing better than a quick chow down before a battle!
Quick Repost, since I love this gif and I think people will too!
How you feel after eating some seriously spicey stuuuffff
Well brock, we all love pokemon…but not like that.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life.
continuing the trend of mew!
I think I parked my car in my moms house…..
Happy St.Patrick’s Day PokeFans. Incase you didn’t know , I happen to be Irish (Born and living) and will be celebrating in a stereotypical way today! 

Pokemon Season 1 is now on netflix, you’re welcome ;) 

How many pokeBalls do you have Ash? ;)
If I was Charmander.
creepin’ 4 dat pusaay. 
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